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Apple May Announce its Own Apple Search Engine Very Soon

According to a trusted source, Apple is going to launch its own web-based search engine very soon. According to secrete source the apple developers are working harder on developing a universal search engine. This new search engine must be known as the “Apple search engine”. No doubt, Apple already has a search engine that it uses for Siri and Spotlight searches. Apple may be looking for a completely new and genuine search engine. That will be universal and may give good competition to Google’s search engine. Till now you will find the Google search engine as default on Apple devices. Hopefully, in the future, Apple will replace it with its own search engine.

According to JON Henshaw said it’s still not clear if Siri’s suggestions are Google at all anymore. Apple may be replaced it with Spotlight search or maybe bypass other search engines. According to recent data, Apple is investing a huge amount in search engines. Apple also pointing job postings for search engineers. Though the vacancies decreased last year, they have hired many search engineers. Those engineers are now working on a universal search engine for Apple.

Key points of the new Apple search engine

Here we are going to point out some of the key things about the Apple search engine

  • In June, the Apple bot web crawler page was developed
  • Apple bot will verify traffic coming from the Apple bot
  • You will get a separate Apple bot crawler for mobile and desktop-centric searches.
  • The new update of the Apple bot also renders similar things to the Google search engine
  • Search ranking will also amplify according to different factors

About AppleBot crawlers update 

It’s noticed that the AppleBot web crawler has been busty and recently quick crawler insider traffic has shown an increase or decrease in Applebot crawler traffic since 2015.

Though till now there is no such official announcement from Apple official regarding the launch of its own Apple search engine the news makes sense and there is a high chance of Apple’s own search engine very soon.

According to experts if Apple’s search engine launches, then it will definitely weaken Google’s stranglehold on the search and deliver better promotion for Apple services.

Final Words

One of the main possible reasons behind Apple’s intent towards developing its own search engine is the loss of billions of dollars every year it pays to Google for the services, terms, and conditions. Apple definitely wants to stop spending such a huge amount on search engine services.

Till now, many peoples are not aware of this big news of the Apple search engine. If it launches then it will be a big surprise for many people and definitely helpful for Apple device users where they can get a smooth and secured search engine for their premium devices.

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