Carl Bot for Roles on Discord

How to Use Carl Bot for Roles on Discord

A single Discord server could support an infinite number of users as well as multiple channels. Because general membership is free, it assists companies in expanding their reach. However, handling a large audience on a single server might be difficult at times. People strive to maintain track of multiple channels and the activity of their members in situations like these. Continue reading to learn how to use Carl Bot for Discord roles to repair it.

At this moment, the Carl Bot comes into the picture. It makes it easy to manage your channel’s operations and keep track of its members. Carl Bot is a digital handyman who, if joined to a discord server, manages mundane jobs for you.

This article will show you how to utilize Carl Bot on Discord and go through all of its incredible features.

Reaction Roles in Discord:

By selecting or touching a reaction, individuals can earn or relinquish a role. Reaction roles alter color based on the role of the message source, in addition to its overall function. For instance, if the sender possesses moderator capabilities, the response role may change to green or purple if the sender describes as male. You may even go one step further and describe the restrictions that each position comes with.

Let’s get started with how to add response roles to Discord. First, we’ll look at how to accomplish it on a computer, then on a mobile device.

Carl Bot for Roles on Discord

To establish response roles on a Platform, you must complete three stages. To finish your task, go through these stages one by one:

Step #1 | Create Roles on Discord Server:

Create roles on your Platform by following these steps:

  • Start by launching Discord and, afterward, your Server.
  • Tap on Settings Panel under the Server name there in the upper right corner.
  • In the left pane, select the Roles option.
  • Next, choose Create Role.
  • Fill in the role’s title. You may also give it a color and a picture to help people remember it.
  • When you’re finished, hit Save Changes.
  • On your Discord server, you have indeed successfully established a role. To create all of the needed roles, repeat the procedures above.
  • Step #2 | Adding Carl Bot to Discord Server:

    As you add Carl Bot to your Discord server, please follow these instructions:

  • Sign in to the Carl Bot portal using your Discord identity.
  • Select the server whereby the Carl Bot should be added.
  • For adding Carl Bot to that particular server, just go to the next step and click continue. Then choose Authorize to give the bot control over your server.
  • The Carl Bot would be installed on that server after it is completed.
  • Then launch Discord and go to Server then Server Settings on your server.
  • To manage it, drag the role item above the other roles. Afterward, select the option to Save Changes.
  • Carl Bot has been introduced into your Discord server successfully.
  • Step #3 | Setting Up Carl Bot Reaction Roles:

    Simply follow the steps outlined below to complete your work:

    • Select the Reaction Roles button in the left pane of the Carl Bot Dashboard.
    • Then choose the option to Create Additional Reaction Role.
      • And then you’ll see a pop-up menu. There are three primary methods to pick from here:
      • Post Embed: You may post a message on Carl Bot and then embed it in your Discord channel using this option.
      • Use ID: Use ID to transform a current message together into a response role message. To define the specific message, you must now enter the message ID.
      • Use the most current messages in the channel: Choosing this setting will direct your server to a specified channel. The last saw message will be converted into a reaction role text.
      • The Post Embed feature would be used.
      • Then choose the channel you would like the message should display on.
      • Then, just at the bottom, select the Add Emoji box that corresponds to the role.
      • Choose the role that visitors will be allocated when they touch the emoji. Various roles could also be created; pressing on the emoji will allocate us to various roles. Emojis and responsibilities will be added as per need.
      • Compose a text to be shown by going to the Content section. By tapping on the emoji, viewers will learn which role they will be allocated.
      • When you’re finished, click the Create button.
      • That concludes the discussion. You’ve completed the creation and setup of reaction discs on chipboard. Carl Bot may now be used for Discord roles.


Carl Bot may act as a digital moderator for your Platform. The name “digital” refers to the fact that it conducts all integrated processes automatically. Carl Bot personalizes welcome greetings, sets unique tags, records, and reaction roles, and blocks spam, invitation links, foul language, and much more. This article offered a comprehensive card Bot guide for Discord. We’ve demonstrated how to set it up the Carl Bot as well as how to utilize its capabilities to effectively administer your Discord server.


How do you communicate with Carl Bot?

The role will be momentarily set to mentionable when you’re using the feed announcement instruction, the role would be pinged, and your text will be delivered in the channels with which feeds are linked, and the position will then be set us back to unnameable. This command lists all or most of the feeds that have been set up on the server.

Carl bot was developed when?

Carl-bot was a work-in-progress for more than two years, with strong increases beginning in April 2018. What began as a tiny bot with poor uptime, with 50 participants spread over 30 servers, has grown into a large project. On a good day, the modest, friendly server had sent 5k messages.

In Discord, what else does Nightbot do?

For any server Discord, Nightbot delivers a plethora of chat instructions and auto-moderation options.

Is Carl Bot still available on Discord?

Indeed, fortunately. They’re all free, and many of these come with such a premium offering that unlocks a slew of extra features.

How do I give a carl Bot A Role?

Launch Discord >>>> Server >>>> Settings >>>> slide Carl-bot above other roles >>>> save changes

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