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Best Hidden Object Games for Android and iPad 2022

I’m not a great gamer, however, if I do get the opportunity to play, I’ll nearly always choose puzzle games that reward skills such as the ability to see and comprehend things. If you’re anything like me, you’ll like a hidden object puzzle in which you must locate neatly hidden secrets inside a specified setting. Here are some of the top Android hidden object games you could absolutely try.

Different Free Hidden Object Games For Android & IOS 2022:

The greatest free hidden object games for Android & Apple smartphones are listed here!

  • Mirrors of Albion:

Mirrors of Albion is an intriguing and fascinating game that may be played for hours without boredom. The game’s narrative actually took place in Victorian London, in a fictitious town named Albion. In order to defeat the queen’s nefarious machinations, you must solve obstacles and riddles in this game.

  • Criminal Case:

If you enjoy criminal investigation and forensic roleplaying adventures with hidden object features, this game might meet your demands. You examine a crime-ridden metropolis, looking for clues, studying proofs, and interrogating suspects in order to identify the offenders and prosecute the perpetrators.

  • Nightmares From the Deep:

This game will take you on such a quest to locate your child, who’s been abducted by a zombie pirate. The game’s purpose would be to save your child by trekking across haunting oceans, tunnels, castles, and other intricate stages. This videogame has a lot of different areas to discover and a lot of riddles to complete, so you won’t get tired while playing it.

  • Lost Lands: The Golden Curse:

If you’re searching for a hidden object game with high-quality graphics and animation, Lost Lands will meet all of your requirements. The game has massive production quality and wonderful music, aesthetics, and gameplay in a crowded market among hidden object games. This game has a large selection of minigames including puzzles to keep you entertained.

  • Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride

This game’s setting is dark and grim, and all these characteristics give it a distinct personality. While completing complicated problems, you receive a 2.5D viewpoint. You also have a cat buddy that follows you about as you progress through the game’s numerous stages. The exciting tale, hand-painted landscapes, and many minigames will keep you entertained.

  • True Fear: Forsaken Souls:

It can be difficult to build a nice hidden object game alongside playing with horror aspects, but Goblinz has succeeded in doing just that. This game offers compelling puzzle action, and the game’s ambiance makes it even more tense and exciting for newbies. This game consists of the Forsaken Souls trilogy, and if you enjoyed this one, you’d appreciate the others in the sequence as well.

  • Hidden Folks:

Hidden Folks might suit your tastes if you’re looking for a minimalistic and easy-to-play hidden object game. Every visual you see in the gameplay is rich in aesthetic elements. Your mission is to locate the game’s stated objects in the image. The game’s basic and enjoyable game is well worth the modest price label.

  • Letters From Nowhere:

The player’s goal in this game is to save their community from bizarre, otherworldly attacks. There are over 3000 objectives to do, as well as dozens of minigames to keep you entertained. The game also has stunning visuals that look especially good on high-end devices. Furthermore, the game is absolutely free to play.

  • Pearl’s Peril:

This hidden object game took place in a fictitious depiction of New York City in the 18th century. Pearl Wallace, an aviator, is determined to discover the mystery behind her father’s death. To figure out what occurred, you’ll have to utilize your investigative abilities and solve riddles. You may finish hundreds of scenarios, and the majority of them seem to be well-designed.

  • Murder in The Alps:

Murder in the Alpines is a hidden object game with just an immersive novel twist. To resolve the detective story situations, players must uncover concealed things across various levels. You’ll often get demonstrated ways so that you can keep on playing when you get confused on a particularly difficult level. The software is free to download and use, with a few optional in-app payments.

  • Drawn: Dark Flight:

Big Fish Studios is most renowned for its hidden object games, and this game is no exception. You’ll receive classic game mechanics whilst discovering and protecting the kingdom inside this game. These videogames offer a contemporary plot with excellent graphics and playability.

  • June’s Journey:

Throughout this game, you will take on the role of June Parker, a woman who is attempting to uncover a major family mystery. Along with the traditional game of hidden object games, the videogame also allows you to grow and create your home and island to get access to new information. The puzzles in these games are fairly difficult, and they may be a fun way to spend time while traveling.

  • Mystery of The Secret Guardians:

If you want to adhere to the tried-and-true format of traditional hidden object games, Adventure of The Secret Guardians might be a good fit for you. The game’s narrative revolves around locating the gaming world’s missing guardians and unraveling the mysteries surrounding the tragedy. This game contains over 30 different tasks to keep you busy.

  • The Secret Society:

The Secret Society requires you to use your extraordinary abilities to solve puzzles and locate hidden treasures all throughout the world. A well-developed tale and interesting characters will join you on your adventure. Your mission is to safeguard the order’s treasured item by solving hidden object riddles and photos.


Hidden object games are entertaining to play and may also provide a good exercise for your brain. These games are extremely portable in the idea that, unlike some recent titles, they do not require complete devotion to play and succeed. If you enjoy these sorts of games, the list above should assist you in choosing the perfect game for you.


So what was the name of the game in which you search for concealed objects?

Mystery of the Secret Guardians, the second famous game in the genre, is set in a world where the guardians have mysteriously vanished. To unravel the mystery of the missing figures, you must discover every one of the clues and artifacts.

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