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How to get Hulu free trial 2022

If you are a big fan of the Hulu streaming platform and don’t want to pay the monthly subscription cost then you are landed on the right page. Today, in this post we are going to provide you detail information regarding how to get Hulu free trial in 2022. So read the post till the end and share your thoughts!

Currently, Hulu is a famous streaming service provider which has thousands of movies and TV shows. Hulu also offers live TV plans which offer access to popular channels like FOX, ABC, CBS and much more. The base package and offer from Hulu you can get is 1$ you can enjoy for 1 month for the first three months right now for a very short period of time.  When it comes to free trial Hulu’s free trial is more easily available than other reputed services like Netflix, Disney Plus and Amazon Prime.

Though Hulu Live TV no longer provides a free trial the good thing is you can enjoy all the TV shows, documentaries and movies with the standard free trial of Hulu.  This trial period is 30 days and after that, the on-demand packages start from $6.99/ month.

How to get the Hulu free trial in 2022?

If you want to grab the free trial of Hulu 2022 then you need to start with the signing up process like usual. Hulu will ask you to fill up the payment option but don’t worry, the free trial is absolutely free of cost. This is only for the transition to a paid subscription for the smooth transaction of the subscription fee. There you might see a basic 1$ charge during the free trial but just ignore it because that is the standard process for the billing.

The signing up process is very simply following the given steps below.

  • Step 1: Go to the official Hulu website
  • Step 2: There you have to select the free trial option which is basic 30 days
  • Step 3: Now enter your accurate billion information
  • Step 4: After that log in using your compatible device\
  • Step 5: Now enjoy your Hulu free trial

You can enjoy the standard Hulu free trial which will cover all your bases by offering you the classic Hulu experience that most the subscribers have.

How long you can use Hulu free trial?

When it comes to the standard Hulu free trial, will last for 30 days. After the completion of the free trial, you have to pay at least $6.99/month for the basic plan.

What you can enjoy with Hulu free trial?

As we all know Hulu is an amazing platform that comes with loads of amazing content. You can easily enjoy hundreds of tv shows, movies and other documentaries on your Hulu free trial 2022.  You can enjoy TV shows like This is Us or Futurama on the other hand if you love to watch comedy then Bob’s Burgers, 30 ricks or Brooklyn-99 are some of the best shows for you.

What amount do you have to pay for Hulu as a subscription after the free trial?

After the completion of the free trial of Hulu, you will be notified by the Hulu team to go for the subscription plans. You will usually get 4 amazing plans on Hulu like

Hulu standard: $6.99/month

Hulu no ads: $12.99/month

Hulu with Live TV with Disney+ and ESPN+ bundle: 69.99/month

Hulu Live TV (no ads) with Disney+ and ESPN +: 75.99/month

Final Verdict

Now the biggest question you may ask is Hulu’s free trial worth it? The answer is yes, it’s totally worthy as you can easily explore all the super hit TV series and movies along with all the original streaming services. Overall, the 30 days free trial of Hulu 2022 is a deal-breaker for all the new users to enjoy fresh and top-rated entertainment content.

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