How to get Netflix free trial 2022

Do you love to watch movies and TV series? If yes, then Netflix is one of the all-time premium content providers in current days, right? Yeah! You can’t deny that! As this is a paid platform most people want to use Netflix for free and search for Netflix’s free trial.

If you are one of them who is searching for a Free trial of Netflix then you are at the right place! Here we are going to provide you with more details regarding Netflix free accounts and relevant things. So, follow the post till the end.

Though getting a Netflix free trial is a bit tricky here we will guide you step by step so that you can get a free account and enjoy some of the amazing content of this popular OTT platform.


How to get Netflix Free Trial 2022?

Below we are going to show you a few simple steps which will assist you to get a 30 days free trial of Netflix.

Here are all the necessary steps to get Netflix Trial 2022

Step 1: To grab the 30-day free trial of Netflix, first of all, you have to create a Netflix account.

Step 2: For this, you have to visit the official website which is and sign up on its official page to create a new account. Just fill up a new Gmail id and you will be redirected to another page. There you have to set up the password.

Step 3: After generating the password this platform will throw you in there where you have to choose any plan to get your Netflix account, but wait! Here you came to know about the free trial of Netflix account 2022.

Step 4: Now just scroll down and you will get an option for the one-month free trial as a section of “opt for the free month trial”. You need to click there and you will get complete access to the content for free of cost.

Just follow the above given simple steps to get your 30 days free Netflix trial 2022. This is absolutely free and there is no hidden cost for these 30 days period of time.

Does the Netflix Free Trial auto-renew into a paid Subscription?

Though it’s technically correct that you can’t get a Netflix free trial of more than one month as it recognizes users’ email addresses but if you can create a new account with a different email id then you can enjoy it for another 30 days.

When it comes to does Netflix auto-renew into paid subscription after the free trial, yes this is true. Like many other services Netflix also sends an email reminder that your free trial is going to end soon before three days. You will get the notification about the exact date of renewal date so before the renewal process you have to cancel your Netflix account to avoid any kind of subscription charges.

Other ways to get a Netflix account for free

For any possible reason if you are unable to get the free 3o days free Netflix trial then there are many other methods to get a Netflix account for free. Here we are going to discuss such three ways.

1. Share your friend’s Netflix account

If your friend acquired a Netflix account then he/she can share it with you. As Netflix allows users to access content on several screens.

2. Use Netflix Cookie

Nowadays Netflix cookie techniques are getting popular among people. This is the easiest way to get a free Netflix account so everyone shows their interest in this method. If you want to avoid credit/debit cards then the cookie plugins option is the best method for you. The only issue with this method is you have to use the fresh cookies after every login.

3. Join many free OTT  premium telegram channels for free accounts

There are several telegram channel owners who share Netflix’s free accounts with their subscribers. They usually apply the Netflix mod APK technique to get access to all premium content of Netflix.

If you are still following this post then you must have an in-depth idea about how to get Netflix free trial in 2022. To get such exciting hacks to keep following our website. Remember to follow the exact steps given to grab a free 30 days Netflix trial account.


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