How to Download or Save Reddit Videos 

How to Download or Save Reddit Videos 

There’s a purpose Reddit is the 13th highest popular social networking site and among the most popular in the United States. It’s a never-ending supply of breaking news, humorous videos, and other intriguing facts. People may upload a variety of files, from humorous gifs to amateur films, but downloading them is difficult on Reddit.

However, there are a few websites that allow users to save or download Reddit videos. Because Reddit keeps audio and video separately, not even all webpages can download the material with the original sound, however some can. This article provided some of the best solutions and how to put them into action.

Methods | To Download Reddit Videos with Sound Via iPhone:

Despite the fact that there are several programs available on the internet, these are all the finest we could locate.

Methods #1 | RedditSave Video Downloader:

RedditSave Downloader is indeed a free video downloader that can also save gifs. This program is compatible with Android, iPhone, and Desktop Computer. Follow these steps to get Reddit Videos to this application.

  • Launch your iPhone / MacBook’s browsers and go to Reddit video Downloader.
  • In a new window, go to the authorized Reddit website to look for the video you want to save.
  • In the video, there is a ‘Share’ button. To copy the video link, select ‘Share.’
  • Copy the URL, then paste it into the RedditSave tool, then select ‘Download HD video.’

Methods #2 |

It is also a free program for downloading high-quality movies from Reddit that works on Windows, Android, iPhone, and Mac. This tool also can transform Reddit Videos into MP3 or even other file types.

  • To save Reddit Videos with Sound, take all reasonable steps given below.
  • Browse the Reddit main site and search for the video you want to download.
  • By selecting the Share option, you may obtain the video’s link.
  • Launch FreeDownloaderVideo then put the URL into the URL field.
  • To begin the downloading file, click on The download option and choose the video quality you desire.

Methods #3 |

Viddit is an excellent tool that can save Reddit videos, including sound, convert videos to MP3, get just the audio from Reddit, and download Reddit animations.

  • You may utilize this tool by following these instructions.
  • Launch the Viddit application on your computer and also the main Reddit website in another window.
  • Simply copy the video URL, choose any video from Reddit then select the share button.
  • Copy and paste this video’s link into the Visit site.
  • To begin the procedure, by clicking on ‘Submit’ and afterward ‘Download.’

Methods #4 | Qdowloader:

Qdowloader is a free video converter that can convert clips to MP4 and some other formats. This program not just to allows users to download videos from Reddit but as well as from over 800 other sources. Taking these instructions will allow you to utilize this tool.

  • Copy the URL of any video from Reddit’s main website.
  • Launch the Qdowloader application on your computer and put the link into the top-right download field.
  • To begin the downloading process, click on the ‘Download’ option and pick the video’s quality and type.

Methods | Save Reddit Video or Downloader for PC:

The following are among the finest solutions for saving Reddit videos with sound on Pc. Note that you may use this link to effortlessly Cast Windows 10 to Samsung Smart TV with complete instructions.

Methods #1 | Keepsaveit:

You may simply download free films for nothing with Keepsaveit. This program can transfer audio into MP3 with excellent resolution and quality.

  • Inside one browser, visit the Keepsaveit program, and in the other, the Reddit webpage.
  • Copy the URL of that clip you are trying to save.
  • Paste that link of the video into the URL field at the bottom of the Keepsaveit webpage.
  • To begin the downloading procedure, select Download.

Methods #2 | also enables for repeated downloads & MP3 conversions from over 100 different websites. To utilize the utility, follow these instructions.

  • Launch the webpage in one window and the main Reddit site in the other.
  • By pressing the Share option, you may copy any URL link for your video.
  • To download, enter the copied URL into the page then click ‘Continue.’

Methods | Download Reddit Video with Audio on macOS:

These programs may be used to get Reddit Videos if you have a MacBook.

Methods #1 | Cisdem Video Converter:

Cisdem is among the best MacBook app, which allows users to download movies from around 1000 different websites. You may simultaneously download numerous movies and convert sound clips to certain other formats.

  • After downloading and installing the ‘Cisdem’ program for Mac OS.
  • To discover your video, just go to Reddit’s main page.
  • Copy and paste the URL from the address URL into the software’s Url field.
  • To begin the procedure, select Download.

Methods #2 | is a free program for Macintosh that enables users to access content directly.

  • Look for Redv Online Downloader using Safari on your MacBook.
  • Just go to Reddit’s main website and look for the clip you wish to save.
  • And using the Share option, copy any video link, then paste it into the Redv application.
  • The downloading will be done in seconds, and the movie will be stored on your computer instantly.


Though the article above demonstrates how to save Reddit videos, including audio, Reddit video downloaders like Cisdem Video Converter can do far more. You can also use similar programs to save online videos from DailyMotion, Vimeo, YouTube, and other websites that provide a URL.


What should you do if the video does not download but instead plays?

It’s generally a preview of the content whenever a video starts to play rather than downloading. Click and keep the video on your phone, then select the option to download which displays. Right-click the clip and select “Save Video As” on desktop users. To save all the files from the internet, give it a name and select Download.

Why is there no audio in the Reddit clip I downloaded?

Only a few videos from Reddit really have audio. The majority of them seem to be Gif or animation that merely features images. If a video does have audio, though, consider downloading it using a reputable web downloader like RedditSave.


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