Spotify wrapper 2022

Spotify Wrapped 2022

The most popular and one of the largest audio streaming platforms Spotify comes with an amazing feature which is known as Spotify Wrapped. This rich feature was first launched in late 2015, but it became very popular and was highlighted in 2017. Now the question is what about Spotify Wrapped 2022? Can anyone still see Spotify Wrapped 2022?  Do you know how frequently you enjoy a certain artist’s songs or music genre? If you have registered and own a Spotify account then you can easily find out all these things at the end of each year. It’s truly amazing and definitely a very exciting feature.

Let’s know in detail what actually this Spotify Wrapped is? So overall this is a special feature of Spotify which collects all your songs listening habits and it has to turn out to be very widespread on social media post-Spotify Wrapped so that your friends and family members can understand what type of music or artist you love to listen the most. So how do you have to manage and share it with your beloved friends? Follow the complete post to know more details!

Spotify wrapper 2022
Spotify wrapper 2022

How you can see your Spotify Wrapped in 2022?

Many people don’t know how to see their Spotify Wrapped, if you are one of them you are at the right place. You can easily find your Spotify Wrapped 2022 by accessing the official website of Spotify which is specially created to showcase your slideshow and can access this site from any device but you need to have signed up on the Spotify account to get the complete slideshow.

If you still failed to get then you can also check by clicking on the search icon at the bottom bar and scrolling down to find the carry icon. Another way you can get it by searching for “Year in the package and it will show you the result.


How to share your Spotify Wrapped 2022

If you want to share some parts of your Wrapper with your close friends and family members then you can do it via social media and also directly. This completely depends on which method you are using to share your Spotify Wrapped 2022.

If you are a Spotify application user then you will get a share button at the bottom side of each slide. When you click on those slides, you can effortlessly share those slides directly with your friends via different podiums. If you click on the More button, you will easily share them directly with your friends.  You will also get handpicked copy link to share your wrapper anywhere and on any platform.   


How to find your previous Spotify Wrapped in 2022

The most asked question we usually find that how to find your previous Spotify Wrapped stories as most of us knows those are available only a few times and vanished almost at the end of the year! So, the answer is pretty simple you can usually find your Wrapped in early December and will not be available to see after early Jan.

Yet, no matter the date, you can still find your previous Spotify Wrapped playlists. These are the playlists Spotify usually generated according to your listening habit and the best songs you have listened to in a year. To get those you have to search for the screen and enter the year of the playlist you want to watch. Then Spotify will find those for you in the result as slides.


How to Create Spotify Wrapped in 2022?

Spotify the most popular music platform usually tracks your listening habits from 1st January to 31st October to create bundled content every year.  This bundle usually contains all your frequently listened to songs, albums, artists and genres on your Spotify account.

To create Spotify Wrapped in 2022, you need to generate a Spotify account by 1st November of that year and make sure to choose at least 5 artists, 30 plus songs and frequently listening music or songs on Spotify for a minimum of 60 minutes. Still, if you are not getting Spotify Wrapped then the issue can be with your account or you do have not enough content on your Spotify account.

If you are failed to fulfil the requirements of the Spotify Wrapped terms and conditions of listening habits or for any reason, you are sharing your account with your friends or family members then this can cause a problem to create Spotify Wrapper.

There may be several reasons you can’t create Spotify Wrapped 2022 like

  • If you are not using your Spotify account frequently for a while
  • If you transferred or moved your data to reset your account
  • If you share your account with friends to add songs and music of their own favourite.

As per the terms and conditions, all of your Spotify data or your listening habits will be together and analyzed to create your Wrapped. At last, Spotify creates a playlist of your most listened to songs you have enjoyed the most in this time period. Hopefully, now you have complete knowledge of Spotify Wrapped 2022.







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