Windows 11 22H2

Windows 11 2022 Update 22H2: Everything you should know!

When it comes to success, no doubt 2021 was a huge year for Windows. Microsoft suddenly announced the release of Windows 11 in the year 2021 and the hype just create among Windows users with loads of excitement regarding the huge expectations regarding features, user experience widgets and much more. Finally, the wait is over and Windows 11 released but users find several bugs with a brand new aesthetic, redesigned taskbar, start menu and much more.

However, sadly this brand-new operating system hasn’t been accepted appropriately all over the world. Many users have shown several bugs and complained about the missing taskbar functionality. To resolve all these issues Windows is going to bring a huge update on its Windows 11 and scheduled for release in 2022. So, what you can expect from this update? Let’s know everything about this upcoming update version 22H2.

Windows 11 22H2

When will Window release the 22H2 2022 feature update?

After the release of Windows 11, Microsoft announced that the new OS will come with a feature update once a year. This means the major update is expected in 2022. Though there is no such clear and official update on the exact month of this update release still experts are expecting this upcoming update some were in July 2022. Definitely, Microsoft will reveal this update during its event.

How to get the Windows 11 feature updates early?

Since the start, Windows insider Program has always allowed its users to test all the new features ahead of the release time. As we know Microsoft has frequently released early Windows 11 builds on this platform so this is the right place where you can try new features of the upcoming update of Windows 11 which is known as 22H2.

Usually, the insider program is divided into three channels like

  • Dev Channel
  • Beta Channel
  • Release Preview Channel

On the Dev channel, you will get all the updates first but usually, here you will find updates having many bugs and unstable versions. So, we recommend you not to sign up here on your main PC.

Microsoft usually recommends people opt for the Beta Channel. Here you will also get updates comparatively early but with some unstable versions.

Last but not least is the Release Preview channel, where you will get updates with all possible fixes and are ready to release worldwide. So better you can try here to know all the new updates and features of this upcoming update of Windows 11 22H2.

Will the existing Windows 11 hardware be compatible with the 22H2 update?

When it comes to the compatibility of the new update 22H2 update of Windows 11 regarding the hardware requirements it will support! This update is everything about the security and features like TPM, secure boot and some other basic updates.

What exactly is new in the latest Windows 11 builds?

Microsoft recently delivered a preview of the upcoming updates from the development branch and it clearly shows that there are substantial minor changes as the accumulation of key changes was frozen a slight although back, but some of the enhancements could still be demonstrated in the approaching builds.

No doubt huge numbers of bugs have been detected in Windows 11 Build 22610 version which includes unpredictable behaviour from the taskbar and some other issues like file explorer and explorer.exe crashes and much more.

Similarly, the task manager is getting colourful with a fresh look with respect to both dark mode and system accent colour to create a consistent experience on Windows 11.

When it comes to new features, there are not so many remarkable changes. Though it’s not clear till now when the tabs will be added to the File Explorer, Microsoft has confirmed this update on the refinement of Explorer. As per the context now you may mark the context menu will become faster. Source also says Microsoft is working hard to bring up a new sidebar design for Explorer. You may see the drag and drop along with the ability to pin up more icons in the Start menu of Windows 11’s updated version.

No doubt the new version 22H2 is going to bring some of the best updates for users but still, some of the attractive original Windows 10 features will be missing on this OS.

As of now, it seems like the upcoming Windows 11 22H2 will be a small enhancement more than visual focus and bug fixes according to the app updates. We have to wait for the official release of this update to know what major changes this new update will bring for the users and how it will help everyone!



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